Ivana’s summer internship at Cheeky Bonsai︎︎︎
In sum: social media + photography 

About Cheeky  Bonsai:
Founded in 2021 in San Francisco, CA, Cheeky Bonsai is a feminine intimate care brand that seeks to empower young women.
“We stand for healthy bodies, and that starts with access to the right information. We’re rethinking products for womankind that are based in science and holistic self-care”

Product Photography + Video 
- Scouted Models + Locations 
-  Photographer + Editor 

Morgan Norvell
Daisy Hernandez
Emma Shen 

+ here is how it looks on their website

Social Media
planned all content in the period of May-August 2021 
produced an average of 3 videos per week
recruited and collaborated with influencers
helped grow an audience of 150k followers in the first two months of launching the account!

Here are some of my favorites! (check out the rest @cheekybonsai)

33 million views!

produced and ⭐️ starred ⭐️ :


Designed some of the posts and the story templates on Figma: