Gender x Bulgarian Folk Tales

Phase 1︎︎︎: Minerva Forces Me to Think About it in Berlin
multiple assignments (that were ultimately unhelpful)
multiple classes (that just gave me a lot of stress and prevented me from actually thinking about it)
Phase 2︎︎︎: I am left alone with my thoughts over the summer
anibar+librar +plenty of research + intense thinking +video reflection+ talking to people 
Phase 3︎︎︎: I am in Buenos Aires, trying to figure out how to do it
calls with creators i admire +iteration iteration iteration +many hours of drawing + experimenting with softwar + attempts to animate + midnight epiphanies
   first draft of the animation!
Phase 4: I am in Taipei, trying to finish it up 
working a lot on the writeup, research, reflection, and Coloring
color + visual exploration of the product
finally in color :)
make sure to watch in 1080p 

scene by scene breakdown on whats’ going on